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Non-Electric Slow Cooker

1 x slow cooker bag
1 x removable/ washable inner cover
1 x top cushion
1 x removable/ washable cushion cover

Cooking pot not included

Fee: £ 2.00 for 4 days

Location: Llani Library of Things
Condition: A - Excellent
Code: LLOT0328

Use a cooking pot that fits in the bag (cast iron casserole dish works best):
1. Cook the ingredients as you normally would (e.g. brown the onions, ,meat, veg etc.)
2. Add stock and bring to the boil
3. Simmer for about 10 mins with the lid on. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO LIFT THE LID!
4.Ensure the inner cover is inside the bag and placed the cooking pot on top of it
5. Put the cushion on top of the cooking pot
6. Secure the bag tightly with the drawstrings
7. Leave to cook for a few hours. Most recipes will stay above 60*C for at least 4 or 5 hours, some up to 8 hours,

Polite request:
To keep the bag clean for others to enjoy, please make sure that the inner cover is placed inside the bag and that the cushion is kept inside its cover.

This bag was made by, based in Trefeglwys. for the Llani Library of Things. Made from using a worn out duvet cover and fabric scraps - 100% cotton.

If you'd like to purchase a bag, please contact Sylvie email

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