Privacy Policy

Llani Library of Things (LLOT) aims to work towards a more sustainable future; create opportunities and build awareness of, how individuals and the community can: share resources, repair items and how to retain items longer to reduce buying. This will in turn reduce manufacturing, carbon emissions and the amount of waste in landfill.


In doing so we promote the health and well-being of residents of the area and increase social interaction and inclusion by providing a community-led facility that offers a variety of different volunteering opportunities.

It holds contact information data on individuals who have expressed an interest in being involved in its aims and communication regarding activities being organised or run by the group. This information will be stored on various platforms and systems for contacting members regarding the operation and administration of the Llani Library of Things such as MailChimp a third-party communication provider.


We store the following member’s information in order to check your membership status, to contact members in case an item is overdue or we have a specific reservation request and the item is not available. We may also contact you in relation to any outstanding fees. We store address information for identity verification for joining or renewing memberships and for borrowing items and in order to be able to collect an item should this become necessary

Information stored and processed:

  • Members name
  • Members contact email address
  • Members contact phone number
  • Members home address
  • Membership Number and status

We check but do not store your date of birth, nor do we store any other ID information that is checked upon joining.

The information stored can be viewed by the Llani Library of Thins staff, including Volunteers, and by yourself.


This policy applies to all electronic and paper versions of this information and the various storage mechanisms used to retain this information. This may be personal computer systems, cloud storage systems and online services such as MailChimp.


All members of the Llani Library of Things Management Committee or appointed persons may be responsible for processing this data and ensuring it is stored in the correct format on the correct media.


The main data risks are from viruses and malware that may affect the personal computer systems where this data is held, or online attack of the services used to store the data, such as MailChimp.


Key precautions to prevent data breach are updated anti-virus software on all personal computers used to store data and using trusted providers for cloud services where data is held.


Opting out of mails will be built into all communications from the Llani Library of Things as part of the MailChimp configuration.


Data stored in the cloud is backed up by the Llani Library of Things internal mechanisms. All data stored on personally owned devices will be backed up using removable media such as external hard drives or USB memory sticks. Cloud backup may also be used to back up data.


Data is kept accurate by regular communication to interested parties, this may take the form of electronic newsletters or postal mailings to confirm with members that their details are up to date.


Data will be deleted upon request from an individual whose data it is; 1-month post expiry of the membership assuming there are no outstanding fees; after expiry and completion of the collection of outstanding fees.


If an individual makes a request to see their data, this will be provided to them in electronic format within 5 working days. If the individual does not have access to electronic communication methods, then the request will be responded to by post within 10 working days.


The Llani Library of Things will not disclose data to other organisations or parties without obtaining written consent from the individual concerned.


Any changes to data storage methods or locations of stored data will be communicated to members by electronic mail, in cases where the individual does not have access to electronic communication methods, this information will be communicated by post in 10 working days.


The key members of the Llani Library of Things will be responsible for communicating any data breach to the ICO with who we are registered.