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Raised Rail Steel Roof Bars

Fee: £ 5.00 for 7 days

Location: Llani Library of Things
Condition: A - Excellent
Brand: Halfords
Code: LLOT0247

Halfords Raised Rail Steel Roof Bars Set r2 - 120cm Length
Preassembled - Quick & easy to fit
Includes 2 bars & 4 pre-mounted feet
Maximum load 75kg (Please check your vehicle hand book for specific max load weight)
Bar Length 1.2m (Fits roof rails spaced at a maximum outer edge distance of up to 1.14m.)
Steel roof bar 30mm x20mm profile with non-slip protective plastic coating; fits most standard accessories
Fixing system with allen key; which fixes the bar to the foot and the foot to the railing at the same time
The Halfords Raised Rail Steel Roof Bars Set r2 comfortably fits vehicles with raised rails

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